Coated Diamond Powder(ZCD Series)

The normal diamond cystals may pull out from diamond tools during use, coated diamond powder is created to improve the pulling out situation. The coatings on the surface can increase the particle retention. And it could help to do better heat dissipation in most bond systems and increases the life of tools.

  • Surface roughness of the diamond powder will be improved after coating, and bonding strength will be improved accordingly.
  • The coating layer protects the diamond powder by reducing thermal impact during sintering, and protect the diamond powder from oxidizing or graphitizing
  • Heating dissipation capability will be dramatically improved after being coated, diamond grit can withstand the strong cutting/grinding force and temperature service life of the diamond powder will be increased.

We do electroplating coated and chemical coated diamond powder, and predominately Nickel coated (Ni-coated) and Titanium ( Ti-coated) coated. Nickel coated diamond grit is recommended for resin bond diamond tools. Diamond retention is improved. Life span of the resin bond tools and workpiece surface finishing will be enhanced accordingly. Titanium coated diamond  is recommended for metal bond diamond tools. It will significantly improve tool’s life and efficiency.

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