Diamond Tools

Diamond tools are tools made of diamond abrasive powder for cutting, drilling, grinding or polishing very hard materials like concretes, rebars, stones, tiles etc.

Choosing right diamond tools can save lots of time and cost. Well, what are the right ones?

The right diamond tools should be chosen based on the material gonna to be cut, and have to be suitable with the machine power and the way you work. And an experienced tools maker helps a lot on this point.

We offer professional advices based on 20 years+ experience. Quanlified help will be offered if the tools fail to meet your expectations.

We do concrete grinding wheels for aggressive and smooth prep of concrete floor. And our diamond grinding shoes and concrete grinding heads are suitable for most  kinds of floor grinders on the market. Also we do PCD cup wheels and trapezoid PCD scrapers, which are used respectively on hand-held  grinders and floor grinder for kinds coating removal either thick or thin.

Share with us about the  information of your cutting/grinding purpose, your machines and the problems you are facing now.

And we will have a happy start from here !

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