Diamond Cutting Disc

A diamond cutting disc is also known as a diamond blade which uses the super hard & abrasive diamond as working part to cut those hard and bristle materials like concrete, stones, ceramic,  engineering stone etc. It is featured with fast cutting speed, long cutting life  and clean cutting edge. So far, diamond saw is always the first choice for doing such cutting jobs. 

What Kind of Diamond Cutting Discs Do We Do? 

  • Concrete  Cutting  Disc
  • Tile Cutting Disc
  • Stone Cutting Disc

Why Choose Us for  Diamond Cutting Discs? 

  •  Our team of R&D  with good professionalism & rich experience can offer strong technical support, customization is available;
  • Our stable staff team and advanced equipment guarantees the  consistent quality and on time delivery;
  •  Strict cutting testing and quality inspection before packing
  • Always offer diamond saw blades with cost effective price
  • We are always looking for long-term partners to work together to make the cutting easy


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