Concrete Polishing Pad

Polished concrete floor is widely used in industrial floor, commercial floor, retail floor, warehouse floor or even personal residences based on its hugh advantages as durable, fireproof, impact-resistant, and easy to clean etc.

Then how to get a polished concrete floor? A concrete floor grinder is needed at this time. And concrete polishing pads are necessary to achieve shiny concrete surface. While concrete polishing pads are what we are good at.

These polishing pads are made with diamond powder combining resin bond, ceramic bond or hybrid. Ceramic bond concrete polishing pad are used as transsitional pads to remove those scratches left by metal bond concrete grinding discs. And it can do a rough polishing of the concrete. Ceramic bond types are featured with its aggressive speed and can save a lot of work for resin bond ones. While resin bond concrete polishing pads are used for fine polishing of concrete to achieve a high gloss surface.

3″ is the most common size for these concrete polishing pads. 10mm diamond working height is offered for a durable lasting. 50#-3000# grit available.

Concrete Polishing Pad China Supplier


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