Concrete Grinding Wheel

 Contractor Grade Concrete Grinding Wheel Maker from China

 Looking for tools to finish concrete? Our concrete grinding wheel gonna be your professional choice. 
A concrete grinding wheel is also called a concrte grinding disc or concrete grinding diamond.  It is a tool made of strong diamond crystals  so as to deal with those tough concrete floors.

The concrete  floor is so uneven at being built that  it needs to be prepped before being polished to mirror or covered with epoxy coating etc. A concrete grinding wheel is the right tool for the prepping stage.

Why choose us ?

  • Working segment is built with high concentration of premium grade diamond grit which makes the wheel finish concrete quite aggressive and lasts long.  
  • Cup wheel design makes it can fit any corded or cordless grinders or concrete grinders. 
  • Durable and firming silver welding makes it last long to the end.
  • Individual vibration checking and balancing before packing to make sure minimize vibration.
  • 20Y+ R&D, producing experience, stable quality and bulk supply can be assured
  • Various designs, can be single/double row, turbo cup wheel, special segment design concrete cup wheel
  • Contractor grade quality, competitive price
  • Stable peformance of those grinder cups is what we can always guaranttee
  • ODM & OEM service available

What do we offer?

4″, 4.5″, 5″, 7″concrete  grinding wheels of medium bond for commom concrete, hard bond for soft concrete and soft bond for hard concrete grinding.

Customization on concrete grinding cup wheel is available!

Sino Star(Zhengzhou)New Materials Co., Ltd.–a reliable supplier of concrete grinding disc from China with quality products, competitive price & considerable service! 


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