Arrow-seg Diamond Cup Wheel

Arrow Seg Diamond Cup Wheel for Aggressive & Smooth Grinding

Item No: MBCW-AS

  • Designed specially for concrete grinding and kinds of glues or painting removal purpose.
  • Fast stock removal. And it removes glues, water proof coatings, lines, markings, thin epoxy etc.
  • It does light coating removal & floor preparation in one step
  • 4.5″, 5″ and 7″  diamond cup wheel are available
  • either wet or dry use
  • aggressive and long life design
  • 7/8″ arbor ( threaded transforming arbor is available upon request) & threaded arbor


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  • Arrow seg diamond cup wheel is a good choice if you wanna move thin coating ( thinset) and  do floor preparation in just 1 step
  • The cup wheel can get through the surface quickly.
  • Usually arrow segment  diamond cup wheel is done with coarse grit, we start from 16# to 30/40
  • High quality diamond abrasive powder guarantees fast cutting.
  • Hard bond, medium hard bond, soft bond, ultra-soft bond type of arrow seg diamond cups could be offered upon request.
  • The arrow seg diamond cup wheel is usually installed on angle grinders for use.
  • Well checked and balanced pc by pc before packing.
  • Good & stable performance is what we can always assure you.
  • The diamond cup wheel will give you a super aggressive and long- lasting experience
  • ODM & OEM service is available

Sizes Available:

Diameter Arbor
4.5” 7/8”
4.5” 5/8”-11, M14
5” 7/8”
5” 5/8”-11, M14
7” 7/8”
7” 5/8”-11, M14

Other size could be available upon request.

How to order diamond cup wheels? Following information needs to be shared:

  • Size in inch (diameter will be better)
  • Arbor type and size
  • The grinding purpose, concrete, stone, masonry
  • Diamond grit size
  • Use wet ,dry or both
  • Approximate PRM of your grinder will be better for us to recommend you right products.

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