16 Inch Premium Wet Diamond Concrete Core Drill Bits

Cutting Purpose:

Cured concrete, reinforced concrete ( #8 rebar and blow), precast concrete block, stone, asphalt etc. Water supply is a must.



Flat segment core cutting bits with segment height of 8.5mm combines cutting accuracy and long durability.

V segment core drilling bits with segment height of 11mm is featured with its super cutting efficiency.

All these diamond segments are built with high grade diamonds of high concentration.

laser welding technology prevent segments loss in rebars and tension cable coring.

Standard 1-1/4”-7UNC thread for fitting most hand held core drills or core drill rigs

Total length 16” with maximum coring depth of 14”, bit extension can be offered upon request



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Premium Wet Diamond Concrete Core Drill Bits

Simply as the name implies, our concrete core drill bits are with premium quality and used for drilling holes in various types of concrete and masonry materials, which requires a water supply for coring operation. All these concrete core bits are with total length of 16”(450mm) and hub of 1-1/4”UNC

And we offer two kinds of segments for your options: flat segment type and V-segment type. One stands for its durability and the other kind stands for its excellent cutting speed. Both types are very mature and welcomed products on the market.

Sizes of Our Concrete Core Drill Bits Available:

Dia. Total Length Seg.No. Roof teeth Flat teeth


Seg. Height Seg.


Seg. Height
1” (25mm) 450mm 3 3.5mm 11mm 3.8mm 8.5mm
1-1/4” (32mm) 450mm 4 3.5mm 11mm 3.8mm 8.5mm
1-1/2” (38mm) 450mm 4 3.5mm 11mm 3.8mm 8.5mm
2” (51mm) 450mm 5 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
2-1/2” (63mm) 450mm 6 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
3” (76mm) 450mm 7 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
3-1/4” (83mm) 450mm 8 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
3-1/2” (89mm) 450mm 8 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
4” (102mm) 450mm 9 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
4-1/4” (108mm) 450mm 10 3.5mm 11mm 4mm 8.5mm
5” (127mm) 450mm 11 3.5mm 11mm 4.2mm 8.5mm
6” (152mm) 450mm 13 4mm 11mm 4.3mm 8.5mm
7” (180mm) 450mm 14 4mm 11mm 4.3mm 8.5mm
8” (200mm) 450mm 15 4mm 11mm 4.5mm 8.5mm
10” (254mm) 450mm 18 4mm 11mm 5mm 8.5mm
12” (300mm) 450mm 20 4.5mm 11mm 5mm 8.5mm
14” (350mm) 450mm 25 4.5mm 11mm 5mm 8.5mm
16” (400mm) 450mm 28 4.5mm 11mm 5mm 8.5mm

Factors that may affect the performance of the Concrete Core Drill bits

  • Cutting Speed. Low RPM will cause longer time cutting, and very high RPM may make the segment polished and stop working. Proper speed will be necessary for the coring.
  • Water supply. Too little water may cause burnt of the bits especially when cutting of steels while too much water may make the cutting slurry. Right amount supply of water can keep the cutting clean and efficient.
  • Use right pressure during cutting. DO NOT push the bit too hard. A good driller can feel the right speed and right pressure and maintain them during use.
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