Synthetic Diamond Powder

Diamond is one of the strongest known substances in the nature. nealy 80% of the mined diamond and nearly all synthetic diamond are made into powder is to be widely used in many industries.

Why synthetic diamond powder other than any other material?

It is based on its excellent physical & chemical characteristics.

  • Its extreme hardness, good wear resistance, excellent thermal stability, fine conductivity as well as its strong chemical stability makes diamond powder the right material.
  • Synthetic diamond powder can be created in large anmount which makes it quite competitive on the market.
  • What’s more, synthetic diamond powder can be done with stable quality, which offers a stable performance accordingly.

That’s why synthetic diamond is chosen to do the tough job for these hard materials.


What do we have?

As an experienced manufacturer, we offers a wide range of diamond powder for different working purpose.

Confused about which grade or girt to choose?

Come up with your questions. We are always here for qualified advices on diamond powder

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