High Quality Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete Prep

High-quality Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

Item No: MBCW-HS

  • Pro quality grinding wheel for conctere prep, stock removal, leveling, cracking grinding etc.
  • It can do from rough grinding to fine profiling
  • Super aggressive stock removal and durable grinding
  • Well balanced  and minimized vibration during use
  • Better cooling, allows the cup wheel to work without gauging the floor
  • 4.5″, 5″, 6″ & 7″ with 7/8″, 5/8″-11 & M14 arobor is available
  • 16 grit, 20/25 grit, 30/40 grit, 60/80 grit,100/120 grit and 150 grit available
  • Fitting on angle grinders
  • For wet or dry use
  • Better performance, but competitive price from China factory


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  •  Subtriangular segments are built with  high quality diamonds for the grinding wheel for concrete
  • 10mm consuming height, high concentration dianond per segment and firm contact brazing ensures its effective & durable grinding.
  • Corse grit start from 16#, medium (30/40) to fine grit (120,150#)could be offered upon request.
  • Hard bond, medium-hard bond, soft bond, ultra-soft bond is available for concrete with different hardness.
  • Well planned cooling holes on the core makes the grinding wheel for concrete grinding always stay cool during use, no gauging the floor
  • Individual checking and well balanced core makes the cup wheel works with minimized vibration
  • conctractor grade, pro-quality
  • used on hand- held grinders
  • Good & stable performance of  is what we can assure you.
  • 5″ , 6″ & 7″ grinding wheel with 7/8″arbor, or 5/8″-1 &M14 thread arbor is available
  • Better efficiency, much competitive price from China factory over 20+Y!
  • Export to US, Germany and always have positive feedbacks and returning orders.

There are several types of diamond grinding wheels available for grinding concrete, including: single row diamond grinding wheel, double row diamond grinding cup wheel etc.

It’s important to choose the right type of  grinding wheel for concrete based on your specific project, as different wheels are designed for different applications.

This diamond grinding wheel is adopting turbo segment design which helps to increase airflow and reduce heat while grinding, making it an ideal tool for heavy-duty grinding tasks on concrete surfaces.

This diamond grinding wheel is typically used for grinding and smoothing out rough concrete surfaces, removing coatings or adhesives, and preparing concrete surfaces for polishing or coating. They can also be used for edge grinding and shaping of concrete surfaces.

The turbo design of the grinding wheel for concrete provides a more aggressive cutting action, which allows for faster material removal and increased productivity compared to other types of diamond grinding wheels.

However, it’s important to note that the turbo design can also cause more dust and noise during operation, so it’s important to wear proper personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and a dust mask, when using a turbo diamond grinding wheel for concrete.

Size Available:

Diameter Arbor Grit Bond type
4.5” 7/8”, 5/8-11, M14, 19mm(special size) 16#, 25#, 30/40, 70/80, 100/120, 150# Hard bond (Black painting)

Medium bond(Grey painting)

Soft bond(White painting)



Finest grit can be 400#, available upon request.

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