Alternate Turbo Segmented Diamond Concrete Blade

Cutting Purpose:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Natural stone

Cutting Machine: 

Fits for most battery-powered or electric cut off saws


  • Hot pressed technology with endurable cutting life
  • Alternate turbo segmented rim for super cutting speed
  • Suitable for small to medium jobs and home DIY
  • Consistent quality from Chinese factory with competitive cost
  • Wet or dry cutting
  • Size: 5”, 6”, 9”&14”


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Alternate Turbo Segmented Concrete Blade

Item No.: STGP125350

Our alternate turbo segmented concrete blade is a general purpose diamond turbo blade for concrete, masonry, natural stone and other building materials like that. It is built with sintering technology and used for small to medium cutting jobs for professionals and those DIY enthusiasts.It is welcomed on the market as a concrete/masonry cutting  disc based on its super cutting speed and nice cutting experience.

Features of Our Alternate Turbo Segmented Diamond Cutting Wheel for Concrete & Masonry:

  • High grade diamond grit & strong bon offers a sharp and long-lasting cutting edge.
  • Alternate turbo design can enhance cutting speed and efficiency, especially when dealing with hard or dense materials.
  • Segmente drim helps improve cooling and debris removal during cutting.
  • Strong steel shank and precision engineering offers a smooth cutting.
  • Quick cut + fewer cutting wheel changes= time & money saving
  • Machines suitable:battery-powered saw, electric saw
  • Wet or dry use
  • Pro quality from China factory with good cost

Sizes Available:





Seg. Height


5” 125mm 22.23 12
6” 150mm 22.23 12
9” 230mm 22.23 12
14” 350mm 25.4 13

Special sizes could be available upon request.

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