Diamond Cutting Disc

A diamond cutting disc, also known as diamond blade, is a specialied tool used for cutting hard materials as concrete, brick, ceamic etc.
Sino Star has diamond cutting discs for general cutting purpose, either sintered ones or laser welded saw blades. Either used on angle grinders for small jobs or used on demo cutters for big cutting jobs.
We offer concrete cutting discs for concrete cutting purpose as precast concrete, green concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt etc with various diameters and installing holes based on requirement.
We do good tile cutting discs too, turbo ones with super thin cutting edge, continuous ones for smooth and clean edge cutting.
It is crucial to select the right diamond blades to achieve proper cutting. As using the wrong disc may cause inefficient cutting, damage to the disc or even cause danger to the operator. Sino Star offers professtional cutting blades based on our rich experience, good control of production,strict inspection, and knows well how to use our blades to achieve nice cutting.

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