Diamond Crack Chaser Blade for Cracks Repair

Cutting Purpose:

For cracks restoration and easy repairs – widen and clean existing random cracks on concrete, pavement, masonry, and asphalt and other surfaces like that


  • 100% Laser welding
  • Professional crack repair tools
  • Fits for most hand-held electric or pneumatic disc grinders
  • The V-segment is built with high concentration of premium diamond to ensure its fast cutting ,high performance and long lasting life
  • Wet or dry use


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Premium V Segment Crack Chaser Blade

A crack chaser blade is a specialized diamond cutting blade used in concrete, masonry, pavement and other constructional materials for widening and repairing cracks in those surfaces.

We choose high grade diamond crystals together with strong bond to a durable and efficient crack chaser blade.

Our cracking chasing wheels are designed with V-shaped segments, which allows them to follow the natural path of those random cracks while widening them slightly for better adhesion of repair materials.

We built crack chasing wheels with different segment width to make sure they will match the size of cracks you need to prepare. Smaller cracks require a narrower blade while larger cracks need a wider blade.

And those concrete crack chasers from our company fit angle grinders and perform with outstanding productivity and cutting life, and can work either dry or wet.


Sizes of Crack Chasing Blade Available:

Item No. Diameter Arbor Size Segment Thickness Segment Height
LSCC-105 4” 105mm 7/8” 6.4mm/9.5mm 10/12mm
LSCC-115 4.5” 115mm 7/8” 6.4mm/9.5mm 10/12mm
LSCC-125 5” 125mm 7/8” 6.4mm/9.5mm 10/12mm
LSCC-150 6” 150mm 7/8” 6.4mm/9.5mm 10/12mm
LSCC-180 7” 180mm 7/8” 6.4mm/9.5mm 10/12mm

Special size could be available upon request.

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