How to Choose A Right Crack Chaser Blade

What Is a Crack Chaser Blade?

A crack chaser blade is also known as crack chasing wheel which is a special and professional crack repairing tool which is usually a diamond blade.

 How to Choose a Right Crack Chasing Wheel ?

Here is something you need to know:

  1. A crack chasing blade can repair cracks in concrete, masonry, pavement, asphalt and other constructional materials. So the material of the crack chasing blade itself really matters much. Diamond crack chasers are always considered the most effective tools. High quality diamond combines strong bond forms the foundation of the concrete crack chasing wheel.
  2. And before purchasing a crack chaser, you have to learn your machine and cracks very well. The crack chaser has to be suitable with your cutting machine in size. Different crack chasers are designed for different sizes of cracks. Some are suitable for hairline cracks and for wide and deep cracks you may need bigger and thicker ones.
  3. To adopt what kind of technology to build these crack chasers is another thing you need to pay attention to. Nowadays, people may adopt sintering or laser welding technology. And to be honest, laser welding diamond crack chasers prevail the other kinds in all aspects in concrete cutting application as cutting speed, cutting life, safety etc. That is why we Sino Star sticks to laser welding ones since have been doing crack chasers.
  4. Now concentrate on the diamond crack chasing blade itself. Using high grade diamond powder, strong bonding which can offer you an effective cutting and long durable life to finish the crack repairing fast and perfect.

And usually we offer concrete crack chaser blade from size 4.5”-7” with different thickness to suit different working conditions. Any question about crack chaser is welcomed.

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