Redi Lock Diamond

What is Redi Lock Diamond?

Redi lock is a quick and hassle free design for diamond tooling changes. Unlike those screw-on diamonds, it does be time-saving and convenient for use. That is the reason why many contractors choose redi lock diamond grinding shoes.

Besides installing, the grinding shoes themselves is the most important part which gonna decide whether your concrete grinding is really fast and easy. You know how to choose a right redi lock diamond grinding shoe?


Bond of the grinding shoes shall be opposite the concrete you are going to grind. A soft bond shall be chosen for a hard concrete, while a hard bond gonna be used for a soft concrete. For most medium hard concrete, choose the medium bond will be right. Or the grinding shoes gonna slide on the concrete surface or it just consumes too fast and cost you more in time or expenses.


Redi lock diamond grinding shoes with coarse grit will offer an aggressive and time saving cutting. While you have to choose the ones with fine grit to get a smooth and finish surface though they maybe slower somehow. That is why people use redi lock grinding shoes from coarse to fine grit to save time and achieve a fine finish.


We do get a lot of different segment designs for the redi lock diamond grinding shoes. You may choose the design you like or we can do special designs based on your drawing. While if you wanna a heavy duty grinding, perhaps redi lock diamond with 3 segments will be good for you. And 2-seg design is normal design for most grinding situations while some prefer 1 segment design.


Diamond inside the segment is what cutting or grinding the concrete. No matter what designs you want, what bond you need, or how many segments you ask, we can always assure you we are using high quality industrial grade diamond to help you finish the grinding job perfectly. Always aggressive and lasting long!

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