Redi-lock Trapezoid PCD Shoes for Heavy Coatings Removal

Redi-lock Trapezoid PCD Shoes For Coatings Removal

  • the Redi-lock trapezoid PCD  shoes are installed on Husqvarna concrete grinders for use.
  • The versatile PCD  scrapes and rips coatings of different thickness from the surface.
  • Quarter size PCD plus diamond /alloy bar is suitable for heavy duty and long life use.
  • Clock wise & anti-clock wise PCD grinding shoes are available
  • Different design PCD redi lock grinding shoes could be available upon request.
  • Aggressive & long lasting working.





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Our PCDT-HUS series trapezoid PCD shoes are designed to be installed on Husqvarna redi lock floor grinders and for the general purpose scraping or ripping of coatings on the concrete floor surface like epoxy, mastics, glue, rubber, urethane etc. 1/4 size PCDs are suitable for heavy coating removal.

When we talk about trapezoid PCD shoes, it is actually the polycrystalline diamond bits which are really in function during work.

Superior hardness of PCD bits makes the scrapers works with super sharpness.  Since PCD is with super wear-resistance and the bits can retain its shape for much longer time and ensures very long consistency of performance.

The redi lock PCD grinding shoes will never load up or smear the coatings like a metal bond diamond tool, it penetrates, cuts and removes utmost of the coatings. The remaining amount could be done with metal bond diamond grinding trapezoids of coarse grit.

Knowing about the material, the thickness you need to remove, and choose the right trapezoid PCD shoes is necessary.

Type Available:

Item No. Pic. Remarks
PCDT-HUS-001 Redi-lock PCD Trapezoid Scrapers1 twin 1/4 PCD bits + one metal bar design, clockwise & counter clockwise operating directions are available
PCDT-HUS-002 Redi-lock PCD Trapezoid Scrapers 3  twin 1/4 PCD bits + one alloy bar design. The alloy could last much longer.  clockwise & counter clockwise operating directions are available
PCDT-HUS-003 Redi-lock PCD Trapezoid Scrapers 6 9pcs small size PCD, bigger contacting area with the coatings, for effective cutting & scraping design

Special requirement could be available request.

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