5pcs Dry Diamond Concrete Core Drill Set & Case

What is in the aluminum case?

  • 5pcs diamond core bits: 38*150mm , 52*150mm, 65*150mm, 117*150mm, 127*150mm, thread of these core bits can be 5/8”-11, 1/2 BSP, M14 or as per required.
  • 1pc drift key
  • 1pc 200mm pilot drill bit
  • 1pc hex adaptor
  • 1pc SDS-plus adaptor
  • 1pc 240mm Hex extension
  • 1pc 240mm SDS-plus extension

Cutting Purpose:

The core bits set are used for coring of concrete, masonry materials, natural stones, engineering bricks and general building materials like that.



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What’s Diamond Concrete Core Drill Set for?

A set of 5pcs diamond core drill bits come in an aluminium case are designed both for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who need to create precise and clean holes in concrete, masonry, clays and materials like that.

This core dill bit set contains 5 pcs diamond core drill bits from 38mm-127mm, together with drift key, pilot drill bit, hex and SDS adapters. With these 5 dry core bits and 6 accessories, and a SOS or common hand drills you are ready for a variety of concrete/masonry coring works and make them quite easy.

Features of Our 5pcs Dry Diamond Core Drill Set:

  • High grade diamonds for fast and clean holes cutting
  • 10mm diamond segment and strong bond for long durable cutting
  • Precision engineered for smooth cutting, friction reduced
  • Angled long slots for easy dust expelling
  • Can be used on SDS or common hand drills
  • Dry use only
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