Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bit for Concrete & Masonry

Size Available

Diameter*Segment Height* Total Length

  • 68mm* 10mm* 95mm
  • 72mm* 10mm* 95mm
  • 82mm* 10mm* 95mm

Thread type:

M16, M14, 5/8”-11 or as per required


Hex Shank, SDS Plus shank and Pilot Drill Bit are available upon request.

Cutting Purpose:

These diamond hole saws are used for coring of concrete, masonry materials, natural stones, engineering bricks and general building materials likewise for electrical and sanitary installation Work.



High grade diamonds for fast and clean holes cutting

10mm diamond segment and strong bond for long durable cutting

Laser welded technology for dry cutting

Pro quality concrete hole saw, masonry hole saw from China experienced factory



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What Are Our Diamond Core Drill Bits for?

There are always a lot of electrical and sanitary installing work during daily life. Use our high quality diamond core bits to create precision and clean holes in concrete, masonry, engineering brick, facing brick, hollow brick and other building materials like that will be a great choice.

Features of Laser Diamond Core Drill Bits:

High-quality diamond grits bond with the metal matrix form those dense and strong segments, combining hot pressed and sintering technology, those diamond bits are done with  strong cutting force and longevity.

These segments are laser welded to the steel shanks to make very solid diamond core bits for concrete and masonry dry drilling purpose.

We offer normal segments design and turbo segments design as per your requirement.

The female thread are usually M16, M14,  5/8”-11 are also available upon request.

With those accessories as Hex Shank, SDS Plus shank and  Pilot Drill Bit, our laser welded diamond core drill bits can fit most machines to do perfect coring jobs.



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