Diamond Core Bit

Diamond core bit is a widely used and welcomed core cutting tool when you need to create precise and clean cylindrical holes in concrete, masonry, stone, ceramic and other hard materials.
Welcome to us to when you are looking for laser welded concrete core drill bit, core drill set, concrete hole saw and other diamond core bits like that.

Reasons why choose us for the diamond core bit:
Segments of the diamond core bits are built with high-quality industrial grade diamonds which are more durable and provide better cutting performance.
We use strong bond materials for those segment which hold those diamonds securely to resist wear & heat effectively to ensure its durability & fast cutting.
Most of our diamond core bits are done through laser welding technology which ensures its strength when cutting through tough materials.
Really long time research and production experience makes us know well how to make a diamond core bit with good quality and right size to suit your coring need.
Pro quality, effective cost, shipping on time and good service are what we can always guarantee.

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