Why Do We Use Tungsten Bits to Replace Diamond Bars on PCD Grinding Shoes?

What Are PCD Grinding Shoes?

PCD grinding shoes are embedded with poly-crystalline diamond segments and specially used for floor surface preparation and concrete grinding applications. They are designed to efficiently and effectively remove coatings, adhesives,epoxies and other surface materials from concrete floors. PCD grinding shoes combines PCD bits & diamond bars together either clockwise direction or anti clockwise direction are quite welcomed tools on the market to do coatings removal jobs.

Why Do We Use Tungsten Bits to Replace Diamond Bars on PCD Grinding Shoes?

But we tend to use tungsten bits to replace those diamond bars based on the following reasons:

  1. Tungsten carbide are highly durable and can withstand significant wear and tear. They are less likely to chip or break when compared to diamond segments, and may consume at same speed with those PCD bits, which can better balance the PCD grinding shoes till to the end.
  2. Tungsten carbide bits can be used in a wider range of materials and applications, including metal, wood, plastics, rubber. Diamonds are primarily suited for cutting hard and bristle materials. Tungsten carbide bits will be more suitable for removing those adhesives.
  3. Tungsten carbide has good heat resistance properties allowing it to maintain its hardness and cutting ability at high temperatures. Diamond may degrade or even burn at high temperatures. Tungsten carbide bits will be suitable underthe tough working conditions for removing those adhesives.

By replacing those diamond bars with tungsten bits to achieve a good using experience. Those PCD grinding shoes with different shanks can fit for Husqvarna redi-lock series grinders, HTC easy change floor grinders, Lavina grinding machines and universal trapezoid to suitable most grinders on market.

Also we have Split PCD grinding shoes for coatings removal, concrete grinding with different shanks too.


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