Why Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel Is Considered Classic Concrete Grinding Tool?

Advantages of Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel

A double row diamond cup wheel is type of abrasive tool used for grinding and shaping hard materials, primarily concrete, stone, masonry etc. The double cup wheel has several advantages stating as below:

  1. Double row cup wheels have twice the number of diamond segments which increased density of diamond segments means they can remove materials more efficiently and quickly. This makes diamond double wheels particularly useful for heavy-duty grinding tasks.
  2. The double row configuration ensures a more uniform grinding pattern and smoother finish. This leads to more consistent and predictable results when working on large surfaces.
  3. The additional diamond segments on double row diamond cup wheels distribute the workload more evenly, which reduces the wear and tear on each individual diamond segment. This results in a longer life for the wheel can save cost and time for users.
  4. Double row cup wheels tend to be more stable and balanced during operation because even distribution of segments. This makes them easier to control and reduces the risk of wobbling and give users a nice grinding experience.
  5. Diamond double wheels are created for use on grinders and can be used both dry and wet grinding applications. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different working conditions.


As mentioned above, double row diamond cup wheel offers great advantages. It is a classic and popular choice for tasks that require aggressive material removal and a relatively smooth surface finish. Sino Star can always offer you double row cup wheels with stable performance and effective cost with sizes 4.5”-7”. OEM service available too.

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