Triangle Segment Cup Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

What Is a Cup Diamond Grinding Wheel?

A cup diamond grinding wheel is a specialized tool primarily used for grinding and shaping hard materials as concrete, stone, masonry etc. And there are many different designs of cup diamond grinding wheels which are just named simply as what they appear.Triangle segment cup diamond grinding wheel is one of these diamond cup wheels which is created specially for concrete grinding.

Big grinding Surface

Triangle segment diamond cup wheel is designed with big working/contacting surface, which can do grinding, leveling, and removing jobs. Which those diamond cup wheels with small diamond segments can not be so versatile as arrow cup wheels. They do removal jobs well but not so efficient in grinding or leveling jobs.

High quality & high concentration of diamond powder

Concentration of the diamond determines the use of the cup diamond grinding wheel. Higher concentration diamond enables the diamond cup wheel to grind hard materials. And based on the high quality and high concentration diamond, it can do smooth, active grinding.

Different Grit diamond powder for different purpose

Triangle segment cup diamond cup wheel is created with diamond powder from coarse grit to fine grit as 16#, 20#, 25#, 30# till 150#. Coarse grit diamond can do quite aggressive grinding and fast removal while fine ones can be used to smooth the floor for further polishing or coating laying.

Precision balance test

Strict balance test is done piece by piece to reduce vibration and guarantee its stable grinding in use.

Available in different sizes

4.5”, 5”, 6”, 7” with different arbors as 19mm, 7/8”, 5/8”-11, M14 to suit different machines.

What is triangle segment cup diamond grinding wheel for?

It is used on grinders for grinding concrete, leveling concrete and remove epoxies, paints, glues,  and other coatings.

Sino Star will always offer cup diamond grinding wheel with stable quality which combines aggressiveness & long life together.

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