Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel for Concrete Prep

Diamond Double Wheel for Floor Surface Leveling & Grinding

Item No: MBCW-SP

  • The versatile diamond double row wheel is installed on grinders for aggressive shaping and polishing concrete floors, mortar, stone, masonry etc.
  • To level the uneven concrete, masonry, stone surface.
  • Silver brazed pro-quality for contractors to remove heavy materials and be of longer serive life
  • Industrial grade diamond grade makes it quite aggressive in work.
  • Well balanced cup wheel to offer a happy using experience
  • Consistent performance with good price from China OEM factory
  • Corse to fine grit available upon request
  • Wet or dry use


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Classic Concrete Prep Tool- Diamond Double Wheel

Double row diamond cup wheels are considered classic concrete prep tools for they have been widely used and trusted by professionals in the concrete grinding  industry for many years. Diamond double wheel made by sino star is featured with:

1. Versatility: Diamond double wheel is used for a variety of concrete preparation tasks, such as grinding, smoothing, and leveling concrete surfaces. They are suitable for both wet and dry grinding applications. And it can be used for other hard materials as stone, masonry, etc.

2. Efficient material removal: The double row design of the diamond segments provides a higher concentration of diamond grit, which allows for faster and more aggressive material removal. This makes them highly effective for removing surface imperfections.

3. Durability: Diamond double wheels are typically made with high-quality diamond grits and  strong metal bond, making them durable and long-lasting. Besides, we use silver brazed technology to further improve its long standing whican can ensure them to withstand heavy use and are designed to handle tough concrete surfaces.

4. Smooth finish: The double row configuration helps to distribute the grinding pressure evenly, resulting in a smoother finish on the concrete surface. This is important for achieving a consistent and professional-looking end result.

5. Compatibility: Double row diamond cup wheels are compatible with most angle grinders and floor grinding machines, making them easily accessible and widely used in the industry.

When it comes to our diamond double wheel,  Sino Satr offers:

  • Usually whole grit series, from coarse grit to fine grit ,20/25–150, coaser grit or finer grit can be available upon request.
  • And we usually do medium bond diamond cup wheel for general concrete grinding, hard bond and soft bond diamond cup wheel could also be available upon request.
  • Strict balance checking before packing to make sure minimum wobbing during use
  • Good & stable performance of the diamond cup wheel is what we can assure you.
  • Our double row diamond cup wheel will give you fast and convenient grinding  experience.
  • Pro quality from China OEM factory with good cost

Sizes Available:

Size Arbor Technology
4” 7/8”, 5/8”-11, M14 Silver brazed
4.5” 7/8”, 5/8”-11, M14 Silver brazed
5” 7/8”, 5/8”-11, M14 Silver brazed
7” 7/8”, 5/8”-11, M14 Silver brazed
Remarks: thread adapter is available upon request.

Machines for such Double Row Cup Wheel:

angle grinders

How to order double row diamond cup wheels? Following information needs to be shared:

  • Size in inch (diameter will be better)
  • Arbor type and size
  • The grinding purpose, concrete, stone, masonry?
  • Use wet ,dry or both?
  • Approximate PRM of your grinder will be better for us to recommend you right products.

More information you share, more suitable recommendation we can make.

double row diamond cup wheel

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