Turbo Fan Diamond Cup Wheels

Turbo Fan Diamond Cup Wheels for Quick & Easy Grinding


  • Turbo fan cup wheels for super agressive grinding of concrete, stone, masonry, screed and other hard construction materials
  • Build with high grade diamond grit to ensure its aggressiveness and relatively long lasting life span
  • Fan shape design for even pressure distribution during use and achieve a smoother finishshing
  • And the fan shapes are good for better cooling, easy dust sweeping and lighter weight for easy operation
  • Well balanced for minimium vibration during use
  • Contractor grade, pro quality, reasonable price from China factory
  •  5″ or 7″ with 7/8″, 5/8″-11 & M14 arobor is available
  • 16 grit, 20/25 grit, 30/40 grit, 60/80 grit, or 100/120 grit, 150# avaiable upon request
  • Fitting on angle grinders
  • Wet or dry use


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What Are Turbo Fan Diamond Cup Wheels Used for ?

Turbo fan diamond cup wheels are great tools for concrete, stone, masonry, screed and other hard construction materials. They are designed with a turbo fan shape that allows for faster & smoother grinding while the diamond segments provide superior cutting performance and durability. The brilliant cup wheel grinder is ideal for light coatings removal, uneven surface leveling and preparing surface for further polishing or sealing.

Advantages of Turbo Fan Diamond Cup Wheels

  •  Turbo fan diamond cup wheels achieve a fast grinding rate on the concrete, monsary, stone surface etc , reducing the time and effort required to complete a job;
  • Cooling design protects the fan turbo diamond grinding cup from over heat during use. It reduces weight at same time which makes the handling and dust sweeping much easier;
  • Fan shape design of the diamond cup wheels helps to distribute the grinding pressure evenly, resuling in a smoother finish;
  • Corse grit start from 16#, medium (30/40) to fine grit (120,150#)could be offered upon request.
  • Higher concentration dianond per segment and firm contact welding ensures its long grinding.
  • Individual checking and balaning makes the cup wheel works with minimized vibration.
  • Conctractor grade.
  • Used on hand- held grinders, corded or cordless.
  • Good & stable performance of the diamond cup wheel is what we can assure you.
  • 4″, 4.5″, 5″ & 7″ with 7/8″, 5/8″-1 &M14 thread arbor available
  • Wet & dry use

How to Use Turbo Fan Diamond Cup Wheels Properly?

  • Safety first: Wear protective gear such as safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask;
  • Use an angle grinder with a compatible size and speed rating for the cup wheel.
  • Securely attach the turbo fan diamond cup wheel to the angle grinder.
  • Choose the right grit, 16-30# for coarse grinding/leveling, 60/80# for finishing, 120-150# for further finishing.
  • Turn on the grinder and begin grinding, applying even pressure and moving the cup wheel in a circular motion.
  • Check the progress of the grinding periodlly to ensure the desired level of smoothness is achieved. And check teh cup wheel to avoid overhrating.

turbo fan diamond cup wheel

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