Spiral Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel

Spiral Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel for Heavy & Aggressive Grinding

Item No: MBCW-SF

  • The double spiral diamond cup wheel is a very classic wheel designed for heavy duty and fast grinding of hard floor. It can level the uneven concrete floor surface, light coating removal, grinding concrete, masonry, stone etc.
  • For fast grinding and smooth finishing
  • Used on grinders and can be used for wet & dry
  • Each cup wheel is precisely balanced and seldom wobbles during use
  • Contractor’s first choice when coming to heavy and smooth cutting and grinding


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  • Spiral turbo diamond cup wheel design could be used for heavy duty & longer life use.
  • The cup wheel is done through silver technology which can prevent the segment from dropping off.
  • High grade diamond and higher diamond concentration makes the metal bond diamond wheel works with aggressive speed and expanded life.
  • And we usually do medium bond diamond cup wheel for general concrete grinding, hard bond and soft bond diamond cup wheel could also be available upon request.
  • The diamond cup wheel is usually installed on angle grinders for use.
  • Good & stable performance of the cup wheel is what we can always assure you.
  • The double spiral diamond cup wheel will give you a highly effective and aggressive grinding experience.
  • Spiral turbo diamond cup wheel gonna be contractor’s first choice for concrete cutting & grinding.
  • Sintered ones with effecive cost could also be available for home DIYs.

Sizes Available:

Diameter Arbor
4.5” 7/8”
4.5” 5/8”-11, M14
5” 7/8”
5” 5/8”-11, M14
7” 7/8”
7” 5/8”-11, M14

Other size could be available upon request.

How to order diamond cup wheels? Following information needs to be shared:

  • Size in inch (diameter will be better)
  • Arbor type and size
  • The grinding purpose, concrete, stone, masonry?
  • Use wet ,dry or both?
  • Approximate PRM of your grinder will be better for us to recommend you right products.

spiral turbo diamond cup wheel

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