Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel

Aggressive Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel for Concrete Finishing

Item No.: MBCW-ST

  • Special formulate for concrete, contractor grade, pro quality
  • Build with high grade diamond grit of high concentration
  • Aggressive stock removal and long lasting grinding
  • Well balanced  and minimized vibration during use
  • Light weight for easy operation
  • 4.5″, 5″ or 7″ with 7/8″, 5/8″-11 & M14 arobor is available
  • 16 grit, 20/25 grit, 30/40 grit, 60/80 grit, or 100/120 grit
  • Fitting on angle grinders
  • Wet & dry use


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  • Turbo diamond cup wheel is designed for grinding, leveling and stock removing of surface of concrete, monsary and stone floors.
  • It runs with aggressive speed and smooth grinding. Seldom leaving marks on the surface.
  • Corse grit start from 16#, medium (30/40) to fine grit (120,150#)could be offered upon request.
  • Light weight core design for easy opeartion and more friendly to grinders
  • Individual checking and balaning makes the turbo diamond cup wheel works with minimized vibration
  • Hard bond, medium-hard bond, soft bond, ultra-soft bond is available for concrete with different hardness.
  • conctractor grade
  • used on hand- held grinders
  • Good & stable performance of the diamond cup wheel is what we can assure you.
  • 4.5″, 5″ & 7″ with 7/8″, 5/8″-1 &M14 thread arbor available

How to order turbo diamond cup wheel? Following information needs to be shared:

  • Size in inch (diameter will be better)
  • Arbor type (threaded or not) and size
  • The grinding purpose, concrete, stone, masonry?
  • Use wet ,dry or both?
  • Approximate PRM of your grinder will be better for us to recommend you right products.

turbo diamond cup whel

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