10″ Diamond Grinding Disc with 20 Turbo Segs

10″ Diamond Grinding Disc with 20 Segments

Item No: MBGH25002

  • Our big 10” grinding head is metal bond  with high grade & high concentration abrasive diamond
  • Installed on single head floor grinders and used for the general purpose of concrete floor ,street, side walk and so on.
  • It can work on different kinds of floors to remove and grind the spot, level the uneven areas with aggressive speed and strong force.
  • Following up PCD scrapers with coarse grit to grind off the remaining coatings and leaves a new layer
  • 10″ grinding head  with 20pcs segments can do  an aggressive grinding and achieve a smooth finish
  • Minimum wobbling during use based on individual balancing
  • Wet or dry use


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10″ diamond grinding disc is used on single head floor grinders only. It is used for grinding off thin coatings left by PCD scraper,grinding down the cured concrete floor, smooth the rough concrete , feather those uneven joints.

  • 10″ diamond grinding disc with 20segments is a classic design to achieve smooth and fast grinding.
  • Universal bolt pattern will make the diamond grinding head fits most floor grinders on the market
  • The diamond segment is with high grade and high concentration diamond to ensure its aggressive grinding and long lasting
  • Different grit and different bond of the grinding heads can be offered upon request to fit your specific grinding situation.
  • Strict checking and individual balancing before packing to ensure minimum wobbling during use
  • Stable performance can always be guaranteed
  • Wet or dry use

Grit Available:

16#, 18/20#, 20/25#,25/30#, 30/40#,50/60#,60/80#,80/100#,120/150#

16#-25# will achieve super aggressive grinding speed and fast stock removal. Also could be used as coatings removal applications.

Bond Type:

extra soft(XS), soft(S), Medium(M), hard(H), extra hard(XH)

Size Available:


Using Tips:

Check the concrete situation and make sure it is cured concrete.

Learn concrete material before starting , and choose the right bond for work.  If it’s very hard, choose a soft bond floor grinding head. Or choose a hard bond grinding head for soft concrete. Then medium bond for medium concrete.

For these material you or not knowing well, have a small test on a piece of the floor before formal starting.

Check the floor grinding head during use. If one side is consuming faster than the other side, rotate the grinding head 180degree and re-install it.

Check your grinding situation, if you wanna better efficiency, use coarse git. Choose finer grit if you find the grinding heads scratches the floor.

How to order ?

  1. What kind of machine do you use?
  2. What grit do you use ?
  3. What kind of bond do you wanna the grinding heads to be with?

Wanna a whole grinding solution, come up with your question now!

10 diamond grinding disc

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