PCD Grinding Cup with Light Weight for Fast Coatings Removing

Light Weight PCD Grinding Cup for Fast Coatings Removing

Item No: PCDCW001


  • Special design core body reduces weight of the PCD grinding cup wheel.
  • Friendly to grinders and easy for operating.
  • The versatile light weight PCD cup wheel scrapes and rips coatings of different thickness from the surface.
  • The polycrystalline diamonds bits will never load up or smear the coatings like a metal bond diamond tool
  • Quarter round PCD bits for suitable for heavy duty and long life use
  • High quality PCD bits can make the diamond cup wheel work with aggressive speed.
  • Well balanced PCD grinding cup reduces the wobbling to minimum.
  • Installed on angle grinders for  use
  • Recommended working for dry or wet

Equipment: Angle grinders.

Segment: Quarter(1/4) round  PCD bits



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PCD are shorted for polycrystalline diamond  which is known as a super hard and abrasive resistant material.

We choose PCD bits to make PCD cup wheels to remove tough and hard coatings from concrete floor surface. The coatings can be epoxy, paint, glue, acrylics, mastics, adhesives, urethane, elastic coatings, etc.

PCD grinding cup usually works aggressively and lasts very long. That’s why we choose thick core shanks to do these PCD cup wheels to ensure it safe cutting and removing.

However, thick equals heavy in most situation especially for steel core bodies.

PCD grinding cup with light weight are designed under such situations. It is safe, aggressive and lasts as long as those common PCD cup wheels.

The 7/8″ arbor ( 5-8″-11/ M14 thread adapters available) makes it same installation on angle grinders as other PCD grinding wheels.

While it is highlighted with its lighter weight in core shanks. The removing weight makes the light weight PCD grinding cup easy for operation especially in long time and heavy work.

If you are looking for a satisfied coating removal tool, use PCD. And wanna easy operating, try our light weight PCD grinding cup wheel!

Sizes Available:

Diameter Arbor
4” 7/8”
4” 5/8”-11, M14
4.5” 7/8”
4.5” 5/8”-11, M14
5” 7/8”
5” 5/8”-11, M14
7” 7/8”
7” 5/8”-11, M14

Light-weight PCD Diamond Cup Wheel 1 PCD grinding cup

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