ZPD-N High Strength Diamond RVD Mesh Powder

ZPD-N High strength diamond RVD mesh powder is recommended for resin and vitrified bonds tools for a wide range of grinding applications. These tools can be used for hard and bristle material grinding like tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, gemstone, stone and other nonferrous materials.

ZPD-N Diamond RVD Mesh Features:

  • We start with high strength resin bond synthetic diamond powder(RVD) as raw material for making the mesh diamond powder
  • ZPD-N RVD mesh diamond can work with considerable material remove rates based on its friable structure and abrasives with good self-sharpness
  • Lasting relatively long based on its high strength diamond raw material
  • Low impurities, low magnetism.


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Our premium high-strength diamond RVD mesh is deprived from resin bond diamonds which are HPHT synthesized crystals with comparatively high strength. These RVD diamond mesh powder is with blocky shape, rough surface and sharp edge.

And because of its friable structure, the crystals easily breakdown during grinding and form new edges for efficient and free cutting & grinding.

That is the reason why  diamond RVD mesh is always with aggressive grinding performance.

But when talking to it grinding resistance, it is relatively shorter compared to the MBD diamond mesh.

Based on its above features, these high strength RVD diamond mesh powder is always a good choice for resin bond and vitrified bond grinding tools. They are suitable for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics, glasses,stones etc.

And to improve its grinding performance, additional metal coatings specially Nickel coating could be available upon request. usually Ni-30%, Ni-50% and Ni-56%.

Premium High Strength Diamond RVD Mesh Particle Size Available:

D251 D213 D181 D151 D126 D107 D91 D76 D64 D54 D46 D35
60/70 70/80 80/100 100/120 120/140 140/170 170/200 200/230 230/270 270/325 325/400 400/500

Model No: ZPD-N
Origin: Zhengzhou, China
Technology: HPHT(high pressure, high temperature)
Production capacity: 10,000,000,000 carats/year
Package: 10,000cts / ziplock bag or negotiable
Shipping: by air/sea

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