Split PCD Cup Wheel Remove Coatings & Grinding Conrete in 1 Step

Split PCD Cup Wheel for Super Removing and Grinding Purpose

Item No: SPCDCW005

  • Split PCD cup wheel  for removing aged or damaged coatings from concrete floor surface. The coatings can be epoxy, glue, mastic, urethane etc.
  • Marking lines could also be removed by such PCD grinding cup wheel.
  • Renovate damaged concrete, to grind concrete in the very first coarse grinding.
  • Remove paintings from a metal surface
  • Premium quality PCD and split it into pieces makes the cup wheel work with super aggressiveness.
  • High concentration of PCD on the segment makes the diamond cup wheel last longer in work.
  • Individual balance checking to make it work  with minimum wobbling.
  • Super easy operation, no extra pressure is needed in grinding.
  • Fitting on hand-held grinders for dry use.
  • Positive feedbacks from all users.





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  • Split PCD diamond cup wheel is installed on angle grinders for hand held use.
  • To Remove thin coatings with thickness no more than 3mm, grind off the marking lines on concrete, repair old concrete damaged by rain or so ever.
  • The versatile diamond cup wheel scrapes and rips coatings from the surface instead of grinding.
  • The PCD polycrystalline diamond cup wheel will never load up or smear the coatings like a metal bond diamond wheel
  • Grind concrete directly as the very first step of coarse grinding
  • Remove paitings from metal surface
  • High quality PCD and split into pieces can make the PCD cup wheel work with super aggressive speed.
  • The 5mm height segment is full of split PCD which makes the wheel last long during work.
  • Individual balance checking makes it work with minimum wobbling.
  • The split PCD cup wheel is recommended for dry use.
  • The split PCD cup wheel can replace coarse diamond 5/6 metal bond tools, and it can do better wear-resistance than the metal bond ones.
  • Super cost effective.
  • Also we offer same design for diamond grinding shoes to suit floor grinders.

Sizes Available:

Diameter Arbor
4” 7/8”
4” 5/8”-11, M14
4.5” 7/8”
4.5” 5/8”-11, M14
5” 7/8”
5” 5/8”-11, M14
7” 7/8”
7” 5/8”-11, M14

Using Tips for Split PCD Diamond Cup Wheel:

  • Always check the wheels especially after long time use in health condition before working
  • Inpect the solid installation before using
  • Aways wear personal protection before starting
  • No extra pressure is needed by using the split PCD diamond cup wheel, just hold the grinder and get  started as shown in the video.



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