Why Choose PCD Cup Grinding Wheels for Coatings Removal?

What is PCD?

PCD is shorted for polycrystalline diamond.It’s a synthetic diamond produced by cubic press with a high temperature and high pressure sintering process. These diamond grits are bonded to a tungsten carbide sub-stratum after sintering. And gaps between these diamond grits are filled with alloy. Thus PCD is extremely a kind of wear resistant and hard material.

Why use PCD?  PCD cup grinding wheels

The extreme hardness and wear resistance,  as well as its good tenacity and heat conductivity of PCD makes it quite suitable for cutting purpose. However it reacts to element like iron or cobalt, so it is usually to cut non-ferrous material like wood, aluminium and alloys, cobber, rubber, tungsten carbide etc.


Why PCD cup grinding wheels is recommended for coatings removal?

Traditionally, a diamond cup wheel is used for removing epoxies on the floor. However it is quite easily gummed during work. On one hand diamond grit is too tiny. On the other hand, grinding generates too much heat and cooling water is not  usually available at work site.

While PCD cup grinding wheels could avoid the gumming situation. Based on the great advantaged listed above,PCD tips cut into the coatings instead of grinding. And these PCD tips are in big size and can work with super efficiency. And their good wear resistance allows PCD cup grinding wheels work with rather long life. That’s why PCD cup wheels are more preferred by contractors.


How to choose the right PCD cup grinding wheels?

Light weight PCD Cup Wheels


PCD cup grinding wheel with quarter size PCD tips are quite suitable for thick epoxy, glue, mastic, coating removing. Its scraping action eliminates gumming up and maximize the production.

When it comes to thin epoxy, glue, mastic, coating, a split PCD cup grinding wheel or chip PCD cup grinding wheel will be a better choice. It removes the coating without damaging the floor.


More question about PCD cup wheels?Split-PCD Diamond Cup Wheel 2

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