Remove Epoxy with PCD Cup Wheels & PCD Grinding Shoes

Epoxy floor

Epoxy floor is featured with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance,   flat and seamless. It is dust free,water proof and quite easy to clean. And it is always with bright color. All stated above make epoxy floor quite popular on the market nowadays. Epoxy floor is suitable for factories, like electronics factory, medicine plant house, hospitals and food plant etc. And it is also used in the parking area, airport and home garage.

However, epoxy floor lasts around 7-10year before it breaks basing on how it is used and maintained. And we need to make it up or remove the old layers to do good a new epoxy floor. Then how to do?


If damage happened in quite limited areas, one may choose to remove these damaged epoxy by hand. A PCD cup wheel may help at this time. Use a 4”, 4.5”, 5” or 7” PCD cup wheel to install it on a angle grinder. Then remove the damaged part and make it up with new epoxy with same or similar color.

PCD grinding shoes

If the whole epoxy layer needs to be removed, a big concrete floor grinder with high working efficiency is the right equipment to choose. And high quality PCD grinding shoes which are supposed on be installed on these grinders to enhance the working efficiency. PCD grinding shoes with 1 or 2pcs quarter size PCD are suitable for thick epoxy removal. And we offer PCD grinding shoes with 5pcs quarter PCDs(super PCDs) to suitable the rather tough situations.

And if the epoxy thickness is under 3mm, split PCD grinding shoes can do it very fast.

Please do not forget to share us with your grinder’s information so that we can know how to offer the right shank for installing.

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