Arrow cup wheel

A diamond cup wheel is a type of grinding tool that is used for grinding and smoothing hard surfaces such as concrete,screed, granite, marble, and other natural stones. It is made up of a circular steel plate with diamond segments attached to the outer edge. The diamond segments are made up of small diamond particles that are bonded together with a metal matrix.

Arrow segment diamond cup wheel is one of the most welcomed diamond cup wheels for floor prep on the market.

Do you know how an arrow cup wheel is built ?

  1. High-quality diamond segments: Diamond segments are the most important part of the cup wheel. They should be built basing on the type of material being worked on, the hardness of the material, and the desired finish. So we offer hard bond, medium bond and soft bond diamond segment to deal with concrete of different hardness; And for arrow segments, we offer coarse grit only for light coatings removal and coarse grinding;
  2. After building these arrow diamond segments, they are evenly distributed and firmly bonded to the steel plate.
  3. Once the diamond segments are welded onto the steel plate,we balance the arrow cup wheel to ensure that it rotates smoothly and without vibration. This is done using specialized equipment that measures the balance of the cup wheel and makes adjustments as needed.
  4. And we test the arrow cup wheel to ensure that it performs as expected. This includes testing the grinding speed, the quality of the finish, and the durability of the diamond segments.

Why arrow cup wheel is so popular on the market?

  1. Efficiency: Arrow segment diamond cup wheeisdesigned to grind faster and more efficiently than traditional cup wheels, which saves time and effort.
  2. Smooth Finish: The arrow-shaped segments on the wheel create a smoother finish on the surface being ground, which is important for many applications, such as polishing concrete floors.
  3. Durability: The diamond segments on arrow segment diamond cup wheel are typically more durable than those on traditional cup wheels, which means they last longer and require less frequent replacement.
  4. Versatility: Arrow segment diamond cup wheels can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, stone, and masonry, making them a versatile tool for many different applications.

What can we offer?

4.5”-7” arrow cup wheel

arrow segment diamond cup wheel


Hard bond, medium bond and soft bond available

16#-30# coarse grit

OEM service


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