10″ PCD Grinding Disc for Heavy Coatings Fast Removal

10″ PCD Grinding Disc for Coatings Removal

Item No.: PCDCW001

  • the 10″ PCD grinding disc is installed on single head floor grinders to remove coatings
  • The versatile PCD grinding disc scrapes and rips coatings of different thickness from the surface
  • The polycrystalline diamonds will never load up or smear the coatings like a metal bond diamond grinding plate
  • Quarter size PCD is suitable for heavy duty and long life use
  • Tungsten carbide segment protects the floor surface from scratches leaving by PCDs
  • Well balancing and less wobbling during use
  • The PCD  cup wheel can work either wet or dry


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We choose 1/4 round PCD bits and tungsten carbide segments to make 10″ PCD grinding disc to remove tough and hard coatings from concrete floor surface. The coatings can be epoxy, paint, glue, acrylics, mastics, adhesives, urethane, elastic coatings, etc.

PCD are shorted for polycrystalline diamond  which is known as a super hard and abrasive resistant material.

Unlike those diamond cup wheels who grind and remove the very first layer of the concrete floor and leaves a new surface. While  PCD grinding heads never grind the coatings. Instead, they penetrate, cut and remove the coatings super fast.

  • 1/4 size PCD and 2 PCD segments are designed for heavy and tough working conditions.
  • These tungsten carbide segments consume almost at same speed with PCDs, they balance well the PCD grinding disc during use. And they prevent the PCDs from cutting too deep  and hurt the floor with many scratches.
  • Strategically planned cooling holes on the shank offers cooling air to make the PCD grinding disc work in good condition all the time.
  • Well balancing before packing to reduce the wobbling to minimum during use.
  • Suitable for most floor grinder on the market.

10 inch PCD grinding head

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