PCD Grinding Wheel with Inverted Sharp PCD Bits

PCD Grinding Wheel with Inverted Sharp PCD Bits

Item No: PCDCW002

  • The PCD grinding wheel with inverted PCD bits performs more agressive for thick coatings removing
  • The versatile PCD cup wheels scrapes and rips coatings of different thickness from the surface super quickly.
  • The polycrystalline diamonds will never load up or smear the coatings like a metal bond diamond tool.
  • Quarter size PCD is suitable for heavy duty and long life use.
  • High quality PCD can make the diamond cup wheel work with aggressive speed.
  • The PCD grinding wheel can work either dry or wet
  • Such inverted welding PCD cup wheels will get less wobbling during grinding and works more aggressively.
  • The PCD grinding wheel with inverted PCD bits is installed on angle grinders for  use
  • 4″-7″ available

Equipment: Angle grinders.

Segment: Quarter(1/4) Round PCD



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PCD grinding wheel uses polycrystalline diamonds bits to be welded to the steel body. But why PCD instead of diamond crystal or carbide alloy? PCD is with super hardness and abrasive resistance, it can be used to dealt with the tough coatings on the concrete surface floor.

The PCD grinding wheel is installed on angle grinders to remove these coatings like epoxy, paint, glue, acrylics, mastics, adhesives, urethane, elastic coatings, etc.

The PCD grinding wheel usually work aggressively and last long in coatings removing. While, have you ever considered to make it even more aggressive?

We did and put into action. We make an inverted PCD cup wheel! The PCD bits were inverted before welding, the sharpest part on the surface contact with the coatings directly.

The inverted PCD cup wheel raised a demander requirement on welding. But never worries, our PCD bits will always stay solid in the steel body.Installation of inverted PCD cup wheel is same as other PCD cups, 7/8″ arbor ( 5/8″-11 /M14 threaded adapters are available).

And strict balancing before packing makes the PCD grinding wheel works with minimum wobbling.

Please do remember to check the installation every time before working, wear personal protection. And check the removing coating situations to make sure you are using the right pressure.

Sizes Available:

Diameter Arbor
4” 7/8”
4” 5/8”-11, M14
4.5” 7/8”
4.5” 5/8”-11, M14
5” 7/8”
5” 5/8”-11, M14
7” 7/8”
7” 5/8”-11, M14

PCD grinding wheel Inverted PCD Diamond Cup Wheel PCD Diamond Cup Wheel1

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